Industry leading quality inspection standards.

Many in the industry have cut back in the face of challenging global economic conditions.  Fusion continues to invest our resources and capital to assure our clients of the highest standards of product quality and performance.

Fusion Worldwide’s Anti-Counterfeit Screening and Analysis Labs are state-of-the-art facilities designed to meet or exceed the most rigorous global standards for quality inspection.

In-house Decapsulation Capabilities, State-of-the-Art reel-to-reel X-ray Technologies, XRF analysis, heated chemical testing, curve tracing and High-Power Optical Microscopy are now combined with our 21-point Receiving, Verification and Inspection Processes to ensure that Fusion is offering unrivaled anti-counterfeit protection. 

Anti-counterfeit screening equipment and procedures have been added to Fusion's global Quality Hubs (all of which are ANSI ESD S20.20 certified.) All of these hubs have destructive and non-destructive analysis capabilities and all anti-counterfeit procedures are conducted by IDEA-Certified Inspection Professionals. 

While Fusion has ALWAYS required that all parts pass a Five-Phase Verification and Inspection Process, any parts in question are forwarded to the Fusion Anti-Counterfeit Screening and Analysis Lab for further analysis.
Fusion's highly trained inspectors are now able to use High-Power X-ray Technology to analyze and photograph die and lead frames and to compare confirmed good samples to incoming receipts. Such powerful technology allows inspectors to check wire bonds, look for void defects and detect moisture penetration.

Fusion's Decapsulation Techonology exposes the interior of the chips, allowing for die inspection. 2000x High Power Optical Microscopy is then used to identify manufacturer and part markings and to assess any evidence of handling and/or rework. The die is compared to samples that have been confirmed as authentic and compared to other samples within the same batch.

Fusion's Anti-Counterfeit Screening and Analysis Lab combined with on-going training and certification programs and a comprehensive and proprietary receiving and inspection process allow us to continue to thwart counterfeiters and protect our customers. 















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