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We credit our strength, endurance, and impact to our people — they’re the backbone of Fusion Worldwide.

A modern office interior with employees chatting, walking, and working at desks
Executive Leadership
Our executive leadership team exemplifies our values, empowers our people to grow and innovate, and works beyond their daily roles to drive transformation in the industry
Headshot of Peter LeSaffre
Peter LeSaffre
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Headshot of Tobey Gonnerman
Tobey Gonnerman
Headshot of Paul Romano
Paul Romano
Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Brian Ronan
Brian Ronan
Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Luke LeSaffre
Luke LeSaffre
Chief Revenue Officer
Headshot of Steve Roche
Steve Roche
Chief Technical Officer
Group of Fusion Worldwide APAC employees posing for a photo
Our TeamGlobal. Connected. Effective.

Fusion Worldwide’s team is the pivotal link in the electronic component industry’s supply chain, connecting our clients to a vetted network of international vendors. Our departments divide and serve our various geographical regions to better deliver what our customers need, when they need it.

Headshot of Meaghan Harrison
Meaghan Harrison
Director of Business Development, Americas
Headshot of Kevin Larkin
Kevin Larkin
Director of Sales, Americas
Headshot of Gerard Magnarelli
Gerard Magnarelli
Director of Sales, Americas
Headshot of Rosy Ibarra
Rosa Ibarra
Director of Sales, LATAM
Headshot of Alex McCormack
Alejandro McCormack
Sales Manager, USA
George Denoncourt
George Denoncourt
Sales Manager, USA
Headshot of Ilse Albarran
Ilse Albarran
Sales Manager, LATAM
Headshot of Carissa Ng
Carissa Ng
Senior Director of Sales, APAC
Headshot of Olivia Ju Seohyun
Olivia Ju Seohyun
Senior Director of Sales, Korea & Japan
Headshot of Tony Leong
Tony Leong
Senior Director of Business Development, APAC
Jimmy Xu
Jimmy Xu
Director of Business Development, China
Headshot of Meika Yano
Meika Yano
Sales Manager, Japan
Headshot of Leo Li
Leo Li
Sales Manager, China
Headshot of Kingsley Yao
Kingsley Yao
Sales Manager, China & Singapore
Headshot of Ahae Jo
Ahae Jo
Sales Manager, Korea
Headshot of Daiju Sugita
Daiju Sugita
Sales Manager, Japan
Headshot of Jeevanandam Krishnaswamy
Jeevanandam Krishnaswamy
Sales Manager, India
Headshot of Rose Delgado
Rose Delgado
Senior Director of Sales, EMEA
Headshot of Stefan Kober
Stefan Kober
Director of Sales, DACH
Headshot of Sven Spiegelenberg
Sven Spiegelenberg
Director of Business Development, EMEA
Headshot of Jair Cruger
Jair Cruger
Sales Manager, EMEA
Headshot of Markus Nau
Markus Nau
Sales Manager, Germany
Headshot of Wei Liang Leu
Wei Liang Leu
Senior Director of Purchasing, APAC
Headshot of Vivian Wang
Vivian Wang
Director of Purchasing, APAC
Headshot of Lindsey Hagmeier
Lindsey Hagmeier
Director of Purchasing, Americas
Headshot of Jason Brake
Jason Brake
Director of Purchasing, EMEA
Headshot of Brian Tan
Bryan Tan
Director of Supplier Development, APAC
Headshot of Kok How Yow
Kok How Yow
Commodity Director, Global
Headshot of Jeremy Ng
Jeremy Ng
Strategic Purchasing Manager, Global
Headshot of Howard Tan
Howard Tan
Senior Supplier Development Manager, Shenzhen
Our certified inspectors and degreed engineers enforce our commitment to quality
Headshot of Gil Valenzuela
Gil Valenzuela
Senior Quality Control Manager, APAC
Headshot of Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas
Quality Manager, Americas
Headshot of Tasman Chow
Tasman Chow
Quality Manager, APAC
Headshot of Ghaiss Awwad
Ghaiss Awwad
Quality Control Manager, EMEA
Headshot of Tuan Hoang
Tuan Hoang
Assistant Quality Manager, Americas
Our global operations departments work behind the scenes to help keep your supply chain humming
Headshot of Kate Haughton
Kate Haughton
Vice President of Global Marketing
Headshot of Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez
Director of Human Resources, Americas
Sky Lin
Sky Lin
Director of Human Resources, APAC
Headshot of Kimberly Buser
Kimberly Buser
Vice President of Communications and Administration
Headshot of Jeremy Pierce
Jeremy Pierce
Director of E-Commerce Operations
Headshot of Catherine Teo
Catherine Teo
Operations Director, APAC
Headshot of Sherman Lam
Sherman Lam
Director of Warehouse Operations, APAC
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