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June 27, 2024

Sky High Standards: Quality Assurance in Aerospace and Defense Electronic Components image

Reliable electronics are essential in the aerospace and defense industry, where high-quality components ensure longer lifespans, minimize the need for replacements and repairs, and enhance cost-efficiency throughout the entire product life cycle.

Commercial aircraft that carry passengers and cargo, satellites that gather valuable data while in space, and military equipment used for national security all rely on electronic components to operate. All it takes is one faulty circuit board to throw a critical system offline in a sector without room for mistakes.

Aerospace and defense electronics must also withstand harsh environments, perform flawlessly, and meet stringent quality control measures and testing. Anything less could jeopardize an entire project, mission, or operation.


Battling Counterfeits: The Unseen Threat to Aerospace and Defense

Counterfeit parts pose a significant challenge for large aerospace and defense companies that procure and utilize millions of electronic components each year. With the increasing prevalence of counterfeit parts infiltrating the supply chain, engineers, procurement departments, and testing professionals must remain vigilant to ensure the integrity and reliability of their components.

According to EPS News, a recent survey revealed that 87% of respondents consider counterfeit components a "major" or "significant" concern. Additionally, 88% estimated that the cost of a single counterfeit component in an electronic assembly could reach $50,000.

"The possibility of a counterfeit part reaching the production line is a major concern for engineers, procurement, and testing professionals," says Liz Shelley, Business Development Manager at Fusion Worldwide. "Their reputations are on the line if a supplier provides subpar components. If those poor-quality parts make it to production, it can have serious business implications for the entire corporation."

Shelley collaborates closely with Fusion Worldwide's aerospace and defense clients, noting the sector's constant need for high-quality components for critical products like rocket launchers and radar systems. As a quality-focused independent electronics distributor with in-house testing capabilities through Prosemi, Fusion Worldwide guides the sourcing and supply of authentic parts from a wide network of reputable suppliers.


A Commitment to Quality and Service Excellence

Fusion Worldwide stands fortified by an impressive array of cross-industry certifications that underscore its dedication to quality and service excellence. A cornerstone of this commitment is the AS9120B certification, specifically tailored for the aerospace and defense sector, which affirms Fusion Worldwide’s adherence to stringent Quality Management System (QMS) standards.

In addition, the AS6081 certification highlights Fusion Worldwide's proactive measures against counterfeit parts, employing rigorous testing protocols to protect the supply chain's integrity and mitigate the risks associated with substandard components. Prosemi, an ISO/IEC 17025 AS6171 accredited laboratory, offers advanced electronic component testing and authentication solutions for the world's largest distributors, contract manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and original design manufacturers (ODMs).

Through rigorous supplier vetting, detailed parts traceability, and in-house quality testing conducted by Prosemi, Fusion Worldwide ensures that all components meet specifications. Prosemi’s forensic-level testing of electronic components, which includes advanced counterfeit detection, material analysis, and failure review, provides engineers and buyers with the assurance that the parts they procure are authentic and reliable.


Department of Defense Endorsements

Fusion Worldwide has earned endorsements from the Department of Defense (DoD) and is in the final stages of obtaining NIST certification for cybersecurity. The independent distributor also provides Certificates of Conformance (C of C) to verify the origin of every part or component. Conducting all testing in-house through Prosemi further distinguishes Fusion Worldwide as a distributor equipped to meet the stringent requirements of aerospace and defense contractors.

These organizations are often pleasantly surprised by the level of organization, cleanliness, and quality orientation at Fusion Worldwide's and Prosemi's facilities.

"It's not unusual for aerospace and defense customers to visit for an audit, and they nearly always walk away impressed," said Liz Shelley, Business Development Manager. She recalls one aerospace and defense product supplier being particularly pleased with the outcome of their audit. "They were completely taken aback by our quality assurance standards."


Safeguarding the Electronics Supply Chain: Mitigating Counterfeit Risks

Counterfeiting presents significant challenges within the electronics supply chain, leading to reliability concerns, increased testing requirements, and a higher risk of product failures. Counterfeit electronic components are one of the biggest problems plaguing the electronics industry: they're easy to produce and hard to detect.

Fusion Worldwide enforces stringent quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction, protect brand reputation, and foster long-term partnerships. This independent distributor's dedication to quality assurance establishes it as a reliable partner for customers seeking dependable sourcing solutions. By mitigating the risks associated with counterfeit components, Fusion Worldwide helps maintain uninterrupted supply chain operations and strengthens trust and loyalty in the market.


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