Our engineers and quality control inspectors maintain the same testing criteria in all our facilities, establishing consistent, orderly operations.

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We can adapt our AQL and AS6081 sampling plans to accommodate specific parts, quantities, and customer requirements.

Detailed Inspections

All electronic components are inspected under four levels of magnification, including 2000x.

In-House Database

We cross-reference results with our Device Information Exchange (DIE) Database, a deep library of historical data from past tests and documentation from the ERAI and IHS.

In-Depth Reporting

Fusion Worldwide provides every customer with an exhaustive inspection report after each quality testing process.

Our Process

Fusion's Process

Combining the industry’s most advanced technology with insights from our in-house database

Gloved hands using an advanced camera to visually inspect electronic parts
Step 1Photography and Review
  • We count and organize your electronic components by part and serial number, taking detailed photographs of each

  • After determining the quantity and country of origin of your parts, we assign them unique lot and date codes

Quality control inspector examining electronic components at a work station
Step 2Barcode Scanning and Review
  • We carry out a second review of your parts to confirm exact quantities and specifications

  • Our on-floor quality assurance personnel scans your electronic components into our proprietary database

Gloved hands performing an inspection test on an electronic component under magnification
Step 3Inspection
  • Our CCCI-102 and IDEA ICE 3000-certified inspectors perform internal and external visual inspections of all electronic components

  • We authenticate the integrity of your parts through lead inspection, scrape testing, acetone testing, and marking permanency testing

Fusion Worldwide quality control inspector examining parts on a computer and microscope
Step 4Advanced Inspection
  • Our experienced engineers conduct more advanced tests using X-rays, X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), and high-end microscopes, including KEYENCE equipment

  • We use heated and chemical decapsulation and solderability testing to verify the reliability and durability of your electronic components

Fusion Worldwide quality control inspector looking at electrical testing results on a screen
Step 5Electrical Testing
  • We further analyze your parts’ electrical performance and quality with custom tests in our secure labs

  • Our engineering team uses curve tracers, functional testing, and Inductance, Capacitance, and Resistance (LCR) measurements to assess active and passive component properties

Why Fusion

Excellence Is Our Standard

Fusion Worldwide's quality inspection team in a warehouse surrounded by desks and equipment
Two people talking in a common area at Fusion Worldwide's APAC office
QualificationVendor Prioritization

After undergoing an extensive qualification process, our 8.5K+ certified vendors are organized into an empirical quality hierarchy that prioritizes procurement from the lowest-risk suppliers. We continuously monitor their performance throughout the industry, immediately restricting suppliers with reported issues.

A Fusion Worldwide engineer examining a sample under a microscope at their desk
ReliabilityIn-House Database

Our DIE Database houses information on past inspections, photographs of every electronic component, and the latest industry data from the ERAI, IHS, and Silicon Expert. This gives our inspectors a reliable archive to reference when examining and testing parts. 

The Fusion Difference

Advancing as Testing Advances

PersonalizationImproving Operations

Fusion Worldwide’s award-winning, proprietary quality management system, Scout RMS™, is a key driver in our quality control process. From receiving and testing to packaging and shipping, our system features improve operations.

  • Customer Requirements: Scout RMS™ prioritizes our customers’ needs and specifications.

  • Process Documentation: Quality control managers are required to log every inspection into our system.

  • Component Database: Scout RMS™ stores historical data, industry information, digital photographs, and more.

  • Process Checkpoints: Security lockouts are placed at critical inspection points to confirm no errors have been made.

Speed and EfficiencyUtilizing Technologies
  • Equipment Calibration: Our QMS sends automatic notifications when equipment nears its scheduled maintenance.

  • Inventory Management: Scout RMS™ helps us monitor all inventory to guarantee parts never co-mingle.

  • Logistics Management: Our system catalogs each part and tracks its progress from receiving to shipping.

  • Non-Compliance Documentation: Scout RMS™ records all issues related to non-conforming products and the actions taken to resolve them.

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